HyperCAT (Catalogue)

HyperCat – A new initiative I stumbled across at the  #LDNTechWeek Internet of Things Week #IOT event last week. From their web-site:

“HyperCat is an open, lightweight JSON-based hypermedia catalogue format for exposing collections of URIs. Each HyperCat catalogue may expose any number of URIs, each with any number of RDF-like triple statements about it. HyperCat is simple to work with and allows developers to publish linked-data descriptions of resources.

HyperCat is designed for exposing information about IoT assets over the web. It allows a server to provide a set of resources to a client, each with a set of semantic annotations. Implementers are free to choose or invent any set of annotations to suit their needs. A set of best practices and tools are currently under development. Where implementers choose similar or overlapping semantics, the possibilities for interoperability are increased.”

Seems to offer the following benefits:

  • Interoperability between Services
  • Assists because Service APIs are not machine-readable – no standard structure
  • Self-documenting APIs
  • Manageable 6 page specification
  • HTTPS, JSON, Restful API based

Why am I interested?   Very early thoughts right now but I’m thinking that in the world of Financial Semantics such as FIBO there could be an intersection of value.


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