What is this?

Does anyone recognise what this is?


It’s a stylised setup for the first transistor, created by Bell Labs on the afternoon of 23 December 1947. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_transistor

I admit to not recognising it myself, even though I’ve worked in the industry for 18 years and take it’s invention for granted.   Here is the current record I could find for a single chip – 7.1Bn transistors in a 678mm² form.

IBM z13 Storage Controller Transistor count 7,100,000,000 2015 IBM 22 nm Area 678 mm²

And for FPGAs, Virtex-Ultrascale XCVU440 20Bn+ transistors! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transistor_count

When it comes to RAM, this 128GB DRAM DIMM seems to take the overall record though.   128 Bn Transistors?


Using iControl to turn my lights on/off via my Apple Watch

I’ve used Wise Controls hardware and software (www.wisecontrols.com) for many years now to control my lights around my house.  I’m very sure the world has moved on from a technology view point and there are better solutions out there but it works for me.   This is a picture of a 5M long multi-colour LED strip in my kitchen all controlled wirelessly.  LED Lighting

I’ve been able to control my lights from my iPhone for a while using this interface.  It is ok, but can’t do many things and the tooling is not updated by the firm.

Wise Controls

So I could automatically schedule my lights and remotely trigger them I managed to reverse engineer the interface and it is very simple to trigger an already configured signal.

For example:
Turn on :
Turn off :

I started writing an Apple Watch interface to do the same but stumbled upon this great project instead that has a great iOS and WatchOS interface, and is easy configurable.


For a configuration standpoint it is very flexible and easy to insert the URLs as above. For example:

“pageLabel”: “General”,
“timeout”: 2,
“compactHeight”: false,
“controls”: [{
“button1”: “on”,
“button2”: “off”,
“cmd1Id”: “uniqueCmdId1M”,
“cmd2Id”: “uniqueCmdId2M”,
“headline1”: “Stair Lights”,
“sizeType”: “medium”

This is what it looks like in its simplest form on my watch.

Watch Interface